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Want to improve your book sales and gain a dedicated audience who can’t wait to read the next installment of your work? A developmental editor can improve your story and your books sales.

I can help you identify the parts of your story that need to be tightened up as well as the parts that need to be removed. I can help you create more anticipation and make your characters bolder, brighter and more defined. Essentially I can help you make your book more exciting and more marketable.

I’m an award-winning staff writer, screenwriter, and playwright with 10+ years experience in developmental editing (to the point of catching the attention of literary agents!) Plus, I’m currently leading the ‘Writers Room’ workshop at Nottingham Playhouse Theatre. I can help.

You can see some the books I’ve been involved with at the bottom of this page.

What is a developmental editor?

A developmental editor is an editor who helps authors create the best possible version of their book. This type of editor is more involved with the overall message and structure of a book than other types of editors, such as copy editors or proofreaders.

Their principal function is to help authors identify and eliminate any issues with the book’s plot, characters, theme, and structure, with a view to creating a stronger narrative and more cohesive story. A developmental editor can help you to shape and structure your book in a way that will make it more engaging to readers.

Working closely with an experienced developmental editor you’ve hired through their website helps you avoid paying eye-watering editing agency or platform fees.

What do developmental editors do?

  • They can assist authors with brainstorming and outlining
  • Provide feedback on the book’s content and structure
  • Identify any gaps in the story
  • Suggest any needed additions or deletions
  • Help authors organise their ideas and material.
  • Check for pacing and flow
  • Provide feedback on the book’s overall appeal and marketability.
  • Help authors find ways to make their books stand out in a busy marketplace
  • Give advice on the best publishing route to take
  • Relevant marketing strategy advice

How do self-published authors benefit from story editing?

Developmental story editing is particularly important for self-published authors, who may not have access to the same level of editorial support as traditionally published authors. A developmental editor can help ensure that the book is in the best possible shape for publication, and that the author has the best chance of success.

Story editors are experts in the art of writing and can provide invaluable insight into the craft of storytelling. They are knowledgeable in the fundamentals of writing and can help you to ensure that your story is told in an effective and impactful manner. You can be confident that your self-published book will be ready for publication, and of a higher standard than if you had not sought professional help.

Developmental editors can also provide advice on how to market the book and how to approach the self-publishing process itself. They can help authors develop a marketing plan and provide advice on strategies to reach the right audience.

Most common mistakes made by self-published authors
  • Lacking the resources or the know-how of a professional editor to help them put their best foot forward. As a result, many self-published authors make simple yet costly mistakes when editing their work.
  • Failure to create a clear and concise author bio. A well-crafted author bio can help readers connect with the author and gain a better understanding of their work. It should accurately reflect who they are and what they have to offer.
  • Having a belief that the cost of hiring a developmental editor is a waste of money. When you spend money on creating a more marketable book, you stand to make a lot more money in sales, thanks to better reviews, and an overall improved story, that readers will recommend to their friends.
Want to see if we’d be a good fit?

With a dedicated story editor on your side, you have the opportunity to become the professional, best-selling author you aspire to be. I can also give you tips on how market your individual brand. Thousands of books and ebooks are published every day. Stand out!

So, if you want to see with your own eyes the difference I can make to your writing potential, please send me the first chapter of your manuscript, or the first two scenes of your screenplay. I’ll improve it. Obviously if your chapter or scenes are already perfect, or you’re not happy with the changes I make, there’s no charge!

I’m happy to chat by email, on the phone, by Zoom or in person. Please get in touch with your queries: sarabodinar@gmail.com

Here are some of the books I’ve curated, edited, and ghost-written.
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