I’ve worked with dozens of different studios and production companies – in Hollywood, Bollywood and the UK. (Usually as a writer, but occasionally in other crew capacities.) I enjoy collaborating, I’m reliable and I work well to tight deadlines. You can find my film and TV credits on: IMDb 

Script development and script editing

Need some help developing your script to make it as good as possible? Perhaps you’re not entirely sure your structure allows for the maximum audience engagement, or you’d like a second pair of eyes on whether or not your dialogue works and sounds natural ? (We all need that!)

I can help you work on individual scenes or an entire script to help your project gain  credibility and good reviews. I’ve worked on hundreds of different scripts and even developed scenes for Hollywood producer Joe Newcomb (Dallas Buyers Club). I can provide you with a sizzling synopsis, a tremendous treatment, or a full on sexy screenplay that practically pitches itself!

If you’d like to have an informal chat with me about your project, please get in touch.

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