For reviews of workshops I’ve given, here’s the link: Writing workshop reviews

For reviews of what I’m like to work with – please see below:

These reviews are taken from a freelance site I use. You can see all of them in their original format here: People per Hour

Sara knocked the ball out of the park! It was a complicated brief – a script involving dinosaur puppets, with individual and particular capabilities, and it needed to be funny. I knew it was going to be a winner, when my partner saw me smirking on the first page! – Chris

Splendid – Zander

Very happy with Sara’s work on my script. She clearly did the research needed and followed the brief well. – Andrew

Very professional – Rakiya

Sara is very helpful and easy to communicate with. Thanks for the work – Stef

Excellent work. Always a pleasure to work with Sara. – Steve

Sara is a true professional and great communicator. The work provided was of a very high standard. Would highly recommend – Al

Absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend Sara. In fact, I can’t praise and thank her enough. Pure diamond. – Carol

Sara did an amazing job. I can’t even describe how good it was. Obviously a professional. I would 10000000% recommend her. Thanks, Sara. – Maria

Great job. Thank you so much. – Ahmed

Always a pleasure to work with Sara…I have worked with Sara several times and I will definitely be using again. A***** – Tarell

It’s extremely easy to work with Sara. She just understands you so well as a person and what your expectations are from the storyline and script. Gives careful thought and attention to details as much as possible and comes up with the best one possible could. – Kasun

Extremely helpful and we were on the same page from the get go. Recommend highly. – Yasin

First draft and gave me exactly what I needed! – Mark

I am so impressed about Sara’s work. She is a RockStar! – Rocky

Amazing work as usual. Always trying to outperform. Need to find good projects to match her potential – Aravind

Thank you, Sara. As ever on the money. Your work is much appreciated as always – Mike

Sarah was great to work with, the project was turned around very quickly and to a high standard. I look forward to working with Sarah again. – Jack

Just an amazing writer, what else can I say? If you want people to rally behind your product, then Sara is the way to go. Almighty Lord has truly blessed her with amazing talent – Tareq

Great work. Highly recommended – James

Lovely work. Very very nice – Savitri

Work completed on time and to a high standard as always – Chris

Awesome job as usual 😀 – Krix

Always a pleasure to work with – Tina

She was excellent in her work and communication. Would definitely recommend to everyone. It was a pleasure to work with her. She is friendly and cooperative as well – Ali

It’s great, I’ll definitely be back with more! Thank you!! Bianca

Excellent, thanks Sara – Paul

Fantastic to work with Sara, passion and talent made great result. Herve

Absolute pleasure worthing with Sara. Very professional – Ian

Excellent – would recommend – Sara completed the task in a very timely manner. – Anuj

Excellent work! She got it exactly right, no need to revise. – Ocaam

Fabulous, fast and I have learnt so much in such a quick time! Many thanks… – Jo M

She was excellent in her work and communication. Would definitely recommend everyone. it was pleasure to work with her. She is very friendly and cooperative as well. – Ali

Great work! Highly recommended! – James

Fantastic work and very fast delivery. – Tom

Excellent Work! Sara pours her ALL on each piece of work notwithstanding its budget or size. You all need somebody who will give her best in your work. YOU ALL NEED SARA! – Abas

V. v. Good. Completed the work quickly and response times were perfect – Jerome

Great Job – John

Excellent work, very pleased – Philip

Great work – S.C.

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