Writing workshops frequently asked questions

What happens if I need to miss a session?

Don’t worry if you have to miss a session. I’ll be able to send you a page of notes on the session you missed. 

I’m not a very experienced writer

This course is suitable for everyone; beginners, through to advanced. I can provide extra support on request, and I’ll be happy to go over anything you haven’t understood, either during the class or afterwards. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to write well. I’m going to give you the tools to do that. 

Will I have to share what I’ve written with the group?

That’s entirely up to you. There may be some participants actively seeking feedback, and others who aren’t. If you don’t want to share what you’ve written that’s absolutely fine. You’re under no pressure to do so. But you will still get value from the course, as we look at examples and do writing exercises.

Is this a scam?

I’m quite shocked I have to include this question, but it seems there are doubters haha. This is a genuine course. I’m a genuine writer by trade. Please contact the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre / The Actors Workshop Nottingham / Nottingham Trent Uni for references. You don’t have to pay for the course until after you’ve met me (via Zoom) and had a free taster session, which will give you an idea of the lesson format. I’ve organised the course in this way to eliminate any doubt in your mind that I’m advertising a fake course!

How do I sign up for your courses?

Send me an email: sarabodinar@gmail.com  with your name, and which course you’d like to do. I’ll book you into the free taster session and send you a welcome letter to confirm all the details. 

You can see all the courses here.

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