Social Media Content

Ever created a tweet that has captured the public imagination and put you at the centre of a favouriting and retweeting frenzy? Felt good, didn’t it? At that moment, you totally “got” the point of social media.

Perhaps Facebook is your preferred medium? In which case, think about the status updates that got the most likes? When you hit 100+ likes, you felt like a rockstar, didn’t you? Don’t worry, you’re among friends and we’ve all been there.

We’re all aware of the potential of social media and how fast it can increase you customer base in the right hands, but what a lot of people have found, is that posting on social media takes up a LOT of your time, and that there’s nothing so soul destroying as a Facebook post that nobody liked. To think you thought everybody was behind you when suggested donkey taxis!!

In the right hands social media is effective free advertising. In the wrong hands it’s just plain embarrassingly!

Want to outsource it to a professional with a personal touch, that your customers are going to adore? Give me a call.

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