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Your showreel is your calling card!

Your showreel is what’s standing between you and your next big role. It’s really that simple! A strong showreel scenes tweeted to the right producer, and within seconds you could be invited to the biggest audition of your life! So how do you know if your showreel is working for you? (Hint – if you’re not getting the auditions you want, it’s not! Let me help you!)

Casting directors are more likely to remember an original script that’s written to show off your strengths, than a script they’ve seen performed many times before.

I’ve worked with over a hundred actors on their showreels. If you’re still hoping for a big break or you’re simply tired of waiting for footage that will impress casting directors and agents, I can write you a showreel script that will make you shine, stand out and be memorable. I can help you land the parts you want!

With an originally scripted showreel, you don’t have to include all those less than perfect bit-parts in your portfolio. You can demonstrate that you’re leading actor material straight away. It’s a well known fact that actors with decent showreels go further faster. 

How does it work?

I will work closely with you by email, phone, Zoom or in person to create a script you’re guaranteed to like. I’ll provide unlimited edits and I’ll send you an early notification whenever one of my film or TV projects is looking for actors. I work with actors and filmmakers all over the world.

Even if you’re planning to shoot the scene yourself, I’ll ensure your bespoke script opens doors for you. For an informal chat about the script writing process, who’s currently casting, or where you’d like to work next, please get in touch:

Screen School

If you’d like your showreel directed and filmed professionally, Screen School is also an option. I’m the writer-in-residence for The Nottingham Actors Workshop. Tim Bryn Smith, who runs it, puts on Screen School in Nottingham (U.K) 3-4 times a year. It’s a 5 day intensive screen acting course, which will provide you with advanced screen acting tips, 2 bespoke scripts, and a professionally directed and filmed showreel, that is utterly unique and will show off your acting skills in the best possible way. 

For samples of my screenwriting (should you just want just the written script option) and to see the sort of high quality, professional footage you could take away from Screen School, please check out The Nottingham Actors Workshop’s Showreels.

A showreel with a bespoke script is a sound investment for any actor. Graduates from Screen School have landed top agents and roles that will make them household names. It’s a must for all serious actors looking to make a bigger splash in the industry. Until then, why out check our latest book Monologues for Showreels – available on Amazon!

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