Copy Portfolio


Autobiography of an entrepreneur
Planning your Perfect Wedding
Guide to Home DIY
Turn your Facebook Fans into Paying Customers
45 Practical Teething Tips
Bad Habits
Hypro Training
The Body Blast
How to Stay on the right side of Property Law
12 Tax Tips
Top 50 Mistakes of Property Owners
Conquer the French Marketplace and Become a Leading European Business
Motivational Words
Making the Most of Today’s Housing Market
Planning the Perfect Wedding
Make your Wedding Memorable
The Essential Manager’s Guide to Hiring Top Talent
Instruction manuals for various iPad apps


Kickstarter campaign script
Presentation on the uses of mobile technology
Presentation on asset management software

Articles and Blog Posts

Business & Finance

The use and benefits of bespoke business apps
10 Reasons why storing your stock off-site will save you money
10 Tips for setting up your own online marketing service
The reality and financial effects of a maternity-leave career break
10 Things to bear in mind when expanding your business.
10 Finance tips for business start-ups
What is short term car insurance for business?
10 Scenarios in which one day insurance is the perfect solution
Celebrity bankruptcy and the solution to your debt problems
Facebook pushes its mobile advertising offering
Growth of internet marketing reaches new heights
The importance of mobile technology in the workplace
New business money lending
Start ups money lending
Business growth money lending
Building an Android apps business
How to do an overseas company search
Using social media to generate leads and boost your own online presence
Could this be the ultimate solution to your collocation service needs in Heathrow?
Why are the services of this collocation centre the most impressive in Bristol?
What makes this collocation service the best in Cardiff?
Can this Heathrow dark fibre provider really save local businesses money?
Who provides the most cost-effective dark fibre solution in Bristol?
Setting up an offshore company in Belize
Setting up a limited company in Hong Kong
How to use a dormant company
Why predictive analytics are essential if you want to stay ahead of the game
How to create feng shui energy with your office furniture
5 Business translation-related tips to give your website international appeal
10 Tips for choosing office furniture to go in a small work station
The technology behind ecommerce

Motor Industry

Guide to buying a second hand mini
UK new car market booming thanks to short term car insurance
What you need to know about the 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car?
BMW 4 series convertible explained by BMW Head of Exterior Design
Next BMW X6 spied
2015 BMW X3 facelift has new headlights
Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo claims the title of world’s fastest diesel production car
First drive BMW 13
Smart car highlights of the year
The new Mercedes models
Audi new models and their benefits
2013 Audi highlights
Winter health check for your Audi
Auto shows and new model launches
Land rover races
Ferarri highlights 2013
Getting your car MOTed
50 Years of Suzuki

Fashion Industry

The colourful and competitive story of the polo shirt
Get the Binky look!
5 Tips to buying well-fitting and flattering cheap online clothes

Travel Industry

Finance for long term travel
10 Ideas for getting some extra money while you’re travelling

Wedding Industry

Wedding checklist to print out and keep
How to create a successful seating plan
Choosing a wedding venue | Essential questions that need to be asked
Tips for wedding photography
Popular wedding flowers and how they are arranged
Wedding dress for body type | Find the most flattering shape
Veil types for brides
Wedding budget tips | How to plan your wedding finances

Legal Advice

What to do if you’ve been injured in Totnes
(+ plus many more similar articles for an accident advice service)
Stay in the legal loop and beat the competition
Legal aid reforms


Why specialist IT recruitment companies are the best way to ensure you find your dream job in IT
How professional recruitment can help you fulfil your potential
How Pinterest can help your job search
Preparing for your interview


The history of the werewolf
The Gold Bug (Academic)
Tips for good practise when using lifting slings
Scottish Christmas traditions
How to tile over tiles
How to cut tiles
The day I met Mr Shakespeare
Primark Megastore moves into Birmingham

Web Copy

Business & Finance

About our professional website content writing service
About us page for web designer
The perfect project management solution
How can our performance management services benefit your company?
Limited company formation for UK customers
Company registration with bank account
Company formation with registered address in London
Company registration for non-UK customers
Limited company formation with the trademark registration
Annual Filing Requirements for UK Establishments
Legal requirements to register a UK establishment
How to register a subsidiary company in the UK
Limited liability partnership and VAT registration requirements
How to find business data
How to handle a malpractice claim

Security Industry

Professional security services and manned guarding
Mobile patrols and security industry authority
Key holding and alarm response security measures

Pest Control Industry

About ant pest control
About moth pest control
About bee pest control
About fox pest control
About bed Bugs Pet Control
About beetles Pest Control
About rat Pest Control
About squirrel Pest Control
About fly Pest Control


Bullying and harassment policy document
Accident solicitors in Uttoxeter
Accident solicitor Uppingham
Accident solicitor Twigworth

Retail Services

Winter Gritting and Snow Removal Service
Chewing Gum Removal Services
Cleaning Gutter Services
Window Cleaning Service
Pressure Washing Services
About us page for book recyclers
How we fix leather car interiors
How we fix leather upholstery
We have the perfect artificial grass for you
Pick up and drop off car garage services
Consumer debt help
Wedding crepe kiosk

Travel Industry

Beat the Austen fans and book your Lyme Regis Holiday Accommodation in Advance!
Information about the Chateau d’Oex Ski:
Numerous pages of expat community copy
Removals to Spain
Prepare for the move to Poland


About us page for legal recruitment firm
About cost drafting recruitment


Online bingo copy
About our hydrocarbons
About our energy services
About our telecommunications
About us page for digital detox expert

Product Descriptions

Cake Decorating products
Jewellery items
Men’s jumpers and jackets
Lingerie for women
Swimwear for women
Casual wear for women
Burlesque giftware
Lesley Pearse novels
Black Lace
Stone baths
Reservoir engineers
Project engineers
Process engineers
Oil refinery jobs
Oil and gas procurement jobs
Offshore engineering jobs
Subsea jobs
Software architecture jobs
ROV jobs
bike helmets, vests and gloves
bags and wallets
Electric chainsaws
Glass desks
Skybox satellite receivers
Office chairs
Electric scooter
Rolex watches
Tractor log splitters
ink cartridges
circuit boards
customised USB sticks


Staff suggestion scheme (memo)
Tutorials for using the iPad (scripts)
Jokes for Radio BBC7 show “NewsJack”
Various short fiction (published by Skrev Press)
Various articles for 24/7 magazine
Drama for BBC radio 4 Afternoon play (Working with Goldhawk Essential Productions)

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