Ebooks to giveaway as Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie, it’s true. When freebies are dangled then the metaphorical donkey inevitably chases the metaphorical carrot and with a bit of luck, gets out his wallet. Freebies are persuasive. They can persuade people to join your mailing list, engage with you on social media, look at your products and even try your promotion. Freebies start a dialogue between you and your potential customer, especially when they’re designed to appeal to your target audience!

Carefully crafted Ebooks are incredibly effective marketing tools. They’ll provide you with an authoritative voice in your industry, give your ideal demographic some valuable free reading material and put your name in front of thousands of potential customers. And the best thing about them? You pay once and get an infinite supply of freebies to hand out!

Interested in this tried and tested method of getting your customers on board with your products, but don’t know what sort of ebook to commission? Don’t worry. Leave the creative end to me. I’ll write a book your readers will tell their friends about. Email me now to discuss your options.

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