Creative writing workshops for KS2

Creative writing workshops are an excellent way to capture the imagination of young people and inspire them to develop their writing skills. By incorporating key stage 2 learning objectives, these workshops can provide a fun and engaging learning environment for children.

In focusing on objectives such as developing a rich and varied vocabulary, improving grammar and punctuation, and creating interesting and well-structured stories, these workshops can be a great way to engage learners and help them to reach their learning goals. With the right guidance and support, creative writing workshops can be a great way to help children develop their creative writing abilities and explore the world of literature. Together we will:

  • Use a wide range of references
  • Look at different story structures
  • Retell a myth or legend
  • Predict different endings
  • Create a plot and different settings
  • Discuss each other’s ideas together
  • Look at themes
  • Explore the characters feelings, thoughts, and motivations
  • Look at the differences between fact and opinion
  • Right for different audiences
  • Share our creative work and together provide meaningful feedback for each group

I can offer half day or full day workshops that can be tailored to the books and themes you’re studying and I’m very competitively priced. For an informal chat about the workshop I can provide for your school, please get in touch:

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